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Cell Control Spy Details

  • Cell Phone Spy Software Name: Cell Control.
  • Type of Cell Phone Spy: remote cell phone spy.
  • Cell Control Price: $69.
  • Cell Control Recurring Fees: none.
  • Cell Control Guarantee: 30 days money back.
  • How Long in Business: Since May 2008.
  • Cell Control Website: http://www.cell-control-spy.com
  • Cell Control Support: http://www.cell-control-spy.com/cellcontrol-support.htm
  • Cell Control Corporate Address: Marine Bridge Rd Suite M-24, Madison, AL 35757.
  • Cell Control info at Better Business Bureau: BBB Cell Control.
  • Map of Cell Control Corporate Location

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Cell Control Spy Details

Cell Control is a spy software program for cell phones gaining a lot of attention and popularity. This is because Cell Control is a remote cell phone spy program which has many features over most other cell phone spy software reviewed here.

What makes Cell Control different is the fact you do not have to install the spy program to the phone you want to spy on. This overcomes a huge barrier many have in regards to spying on a cell phone. Here are the main features of Cell Control that give it more flexibility and more spying power than most other conventional cell phone spy software.

  • Cell Control DOES NOT need to be installed to the cell phone you want to spy on. This is HUGE because more often than not the cell phone a person wants to spy on is either password protected making impossible to enter the cell phone to download and install the spy software or the person and their cell phone is at long distance.
  • Because Cell Control gets installed to the SOURCE mobile device (the one doing the spying) Cell Control can literally spy on pretty much ANY cell phone in the world. The caveot here is the source phone must be a smart phone with a smart phone operating system.
  • Because Cell Control is not installed to the target mobile device the spy software is not bound to one cell phone. Cell Control, through a Bluetooth pairing ritual contained in Cell Control use and install instructions, can change mobile devices it is spying on fairly quickly and simply. Cell Control can only spy on one cell phone at a time but Cell Control can spy on an unlimited number of devices.
  • Because Cell Control is installed to the source phone and not the target it is literally IMPOSSILBE to detect and get caught conducting surveillance on the target device.

Cell Control Scam?

Like most online products Cell Control scam reports have appeared here and there but Cell Control is definitely not a scam and this is supported by many factors regarding Cell Control

  • If you click on the link above for the Better Business Bureau reports filed against Cell Control you will see Cell Control has had only five complaints filed since 2008! This is an amazingly low amount for that period of time. All five complaints are closed meaning the customers dispute has been satisfied.
  • When a website registers its domain name it can register than domain for one to five years. An online company that is a scam is not going to register their domain for a long period of time. Cell Control registered its domain for a three year period which indicates they plan on being around for the long haul. Here is the domain whois info for Cell Control.
  • Cell Control remote phone spy comes with 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Cell Control's payments and refunds is handle by a third party independant payment processor Plimus.com. Any online product or service whose intention is to rip off its customers would never let anyone else handle payments and refunds. Using a third party payment and refund processor is an indication and trust on the part of the company, in this case, Cell Control.

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